40 acres near Sarteneja Village, Corozal

For Sale: $250,000 - US Dollars (USD)

40 acres near Sarteneja Village with approximately 1600feet oceanfront.

This property is approximately 20 minutes south of Sarteneja Village. This Village is a fast becoming a major tourism destination in Belize. It has great fishing, diving and snorkeling and also has the Shipstern Nature Reserve with all the wildlife such as tigers, deers, many species of birds, Manatees along the coast.

Shipstern: is also home to the Butterfly Breeding Center at the reserve’s headquarters. The Breeding Center has supplied Great Britain, United States, Japan, and Singapore with pupae for their own man-made butterfly habitats. Visit the Butterfly Center on a bright, sunny day as butterflies often hide behind foliage on overcast or rainy days. Over 200 species of butterfly accompany the 200+ species of birds swarming the skies above the Shipstern Lagoon and beyond. Many of these birds migrate from North America during the winter. Of the long list of aviators, the five species of parrot and flamboyant toucans that reside within the area often receive the most attention from visitors.

This Prime Oceanfront is Priced at $250,000USD

Alfonso Silva
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