285.75 Acres next to Carmelita Gardens Belize, Cayo

For Sale: $950,000 - US Dollars (USD)

285.75 Acres known as Carmelita farms and Reserve next to Carmelita Gardens Belize and Adjacent to Santa Famila Village, which has been voted by Forbes Magazine January 2017 edition as one of the Best Places to Retire in the world.

This large Acreage would be ideal as a large retirement community with 1/2 acre and 1 acres parcel for American Retirees and Belizean American desirous of coming back home to live.

This property is about 4 mile away from Spanish lookout where you can buy all your groceries, hardware, auto parts and other products, and is about 1 mile in a straight line from San Ignacio/Santa Elena City.

There is a marvelous view from San Ignacio/Santa Elena, Vaca Plateau, Baldy Beacon and other areas of the mountain pine ridge.

There are 3 large sink holes behind the property which would be a major tourist attraction.


Carmelita Farms and Reserve is priced at $950,000USD

Alfonso Silva
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